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We turn ideas into awesome products. Yes, here we are.
Next 2.0 provide a vast array of services, from professional web site design and development, app and web app, design and branding to security system and data recovery.

Our team is active in four areas of communication: web/app/Mobile development, digital publishing focusing in ebook production, conversion and publishing (publisher agency, ISBN registered), IT and wireless networking and social media management.

Discover our services designed to enhance your web and brand communication.

We are Apple Developer, Google Play Dev, Amazon Fire Os Dev, Intel Developer, licensed to release APP for the most popular mobile OS.

Responsive Websites

One website, many devices is what the customer are looking for today. Stunning website that fits all your needs.

A secret behind this success is that we do follow the best criteria for each project which involves client communication, research on clients business, research on client’s competitors and get specific project requirements before we start. We create engaging experiences for your clients.


Exports, deal and attract new customers 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Online shopping or e-shopping is important to increase your sales performance and satisfy the new attitude of the buyers who characterize exponential growth e-commerce websites. The know-how of our team in web business allows us create e-commerce platforms functional to search engine optimization and we can suggest to select the best kind of e-commerce suitable for your needs.

We coaching all phases of the eshop project: design, development and management of the ecommerce software.

Ios & cross platform App

We can publish App for IOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows Phone from a single code base. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting related device and platform fragmentation, allowing you to focus on the content structure.

Complex Web Application

Web apps are apps built using standard web technologies. Web app can run in any Web browser. Web applications do not require any complex development and publishing operation to any platform store. A compatible web browser is all that is needed.

No upgrade are required since all the new features are implemented on the server and automatically delivered to the device.

We can build a web app from scratch tailored on your own company needs.


We provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM services (Search Engine Marketing) to increase traffic on your website and and gain rankings in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Place your business at the top of search engines means studying in close with you the most successful strategy to optimize the visibility of your website with the aim to intensify the chance of being sought out by potential customers and contacts.

SEO analysis, site review, SEO content writing, Google Webmaster Tools and reports are the very first steps to do. Have a talk with us to discover how to increase your business.

Web Advertising campaign

We enables you to plan and place your advertising online and offline. It’s time to change: taking some pics and slogan and putting them on together it's not the good solution. We discover your online target and study with you a strategy to encourage it to view your content.

The success depends on the right interactive marketing strategy: web banners pay per click, email marketing, social media advertising, and many types of display advertising including promotional contents. Find out all the components of a successful internet marketing strategy.

Social media

We set up new and/or enhance your existing social media channels. It's the same matter: you can't take some pics and slogan and combine them as a determine strategy or plan. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Youtube, there are so many channels in the social web park that you should know and select to show your digital communication.

Instagram and Pinterest has been involved in a very powerful form of digital knowledge especially for the cultural institute and tourism sector. Discover with us the most successful social channel for your brand, our services include a start social media marketing strategy, competitive analysis, social profile creation or optimization, blog design and setup, content publishing, ROI report of your visits.

Graphic and Digital Design

Web design from scratch, the great and engaging user experience you never knew existed. Your first or second website, can lead to your next client. Give your company brand a presence on the web, we start to research your clients and target before prototyping the website.

We define the structure and sections with you, we catch your ideas to turn them into your digital interface. Branding design, development and web content writing solution, what have been looking for? Let's talk with us.


Only a open minded art direction can sculpt out a strong, contemporary, and recognizable brand which tells your story easily and reflects your ideas and philosophy.

We provide you a strategic brand design direction to gather how you look, who you are, your message and communication. We catch what you feel for your brand, starting by a talk we produce the guidelines to achieve the final logo design, visual identity, stationery, flyer and poster design signage, online and offline brand communications.


We take care of our customer print design and any packaging and labeling project.

We manage all the components of the process, supporting the relationship between the packaging & printing manufacturers and the client with the purpose of making easy and digestible the final product realization.

A great attitude and our strengths in print design are a highly valued addition for that clients who will blend online and offline content strategy. Our design skills cover a range of editorial and print products: branding stationery, brochure, leaflets and flyers, posters, books and edition, rigid media and any kind of banners, promotional gadgets, shoppers, totem and exhibitors. Find some further cool print ideas for your business, come around and have a chat with us.

Ebook Publishing

Not only a quick staff service in web but also care for humanist things, thoughts and letters that writers will communicate trough the growing popularity of the e-reading software Kindle or iBooks and many other software devices. We can follow any step of the ebook creation.

In the latest years, digital editions have become much more than books in print, today paper vs digital reading is really an exhausted debate, we know. We have the skills to work on a new publication since the very first discuss with the author's needs to the editorial revision and editor content. As publisher agency, we take care of design, marketing and distribution, we make your book available to online book retailers and selling it on Amazon and iBookstore. Having a talk with us is the principal plan of action of promoting your ideas and your new ebook.

Photo Shooting

Today the image you project to others is important, for this reason we offer a initial planning to organize your brand style trough our expert photo production. In every shot you have to see your brand goals, a great product photography can transform your website or company brochure, it's not a secret indeed. Getting professional photos lends professionalism and credibility to products and your business. We provide the most advanced technologies to catch experiences and products, objects, manufacture products, interior and exterior design and locations, especially for tourism activities and needs.

Photo service & photo editingr is the best solution to start professional results. Furthermore a new device to promote your business is the recent 360°catch of the photospheres , a different and exiting way to be present on Google+ and Google Business Photos. Have a chat with us to see more.

Net Infrastructure

Network infrastructure is the hardware and software resources that enable network connectivity, communication, operations and management in a company. Network infrastructure provides the information path and services for users, processes, applications, services and external networks, such internet.

After 10 years in IT technologies, we have the experience to help organizations deploy highly scalable, reliable, and high-performance network suited on your business needs.

Data Recovery

Hard drive failure is the worst things which could happen to your machine, you store on it all your byte: if the hard drive is gone, then so is your data. Do you think you may have lost data or aren't sure if you have? Data Recovery is the retrieval process of inaccessible or corrupt data from digital media that has become damaged or has been corrupted in some way.

Data Recovery can be used to recover data from support such as: Hard Disk Drives, Memory Cards, Mobile Phones, Floppy Disk’s, Data Cartridges, gaming console and more.
We have decades of experience on data recovery. Tell us what's happened to your data.

Interaction Design (NFC, iBeacon)

Interaction design is "about shaping digital things for people’s use". Interaction design focuses on creating engaging interfaces for the user.

Understanding how users and technology communicate with each other is fundamental, you can predict how someone might interact with the system, solve problems earlier, invent new interactions and a new ways of doing things.

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